Fall Ball

UpdatedThursday August 19, 2021 byBrian Hetzler.

Davenport Babe Ruth Fall Ball Guidelines




  1. This league is intended to help with kids that have never played on a full sized baseball field. We want these kids to learn how to lead off properly, what to look for while leading off, the art of stealing a base. Plus learn situational hitting and bunting...etc

  2. Time limits.  1 hour and 45 minute dead stop. No game goes past that. 10 run rule after 4 innings. 5 runs max per inning. 

  3. Pitchers. Limit them to 2 innings max per game. Let other kids get some pitching work.

  4. Each player should play infield each game.

  5. Continuous batting order. For instance, if you have 12 players then you bat all 12. No subs.

  6. Courtesy runners can be used for pitchers and catchers to help speed up play.

  7. Substitutes may be used from other teams in the league, only if you don't have at least 8 to play. Subs have to be registered in the league.

  8. This league will also be looked at as a tryout for our tournament teams next spring.

  9. Tournament teams might play in a couple of travel ball tourneys to get ready for All-Stars.

  10.  We will be drawing for teams later this month, so you should hopefully hearing from a coach by Labor Day.


Any questions please text me 

Brian Hetzler