• 2021 15u Iowa state champs

    Im finally starting to get around to this.  Here is our 2021 15u Iowa State BabeRuth champs
  • Fall Ball

    Davenport Babe Ruth Fall Ball Guidelines   Philosophy   This league is intended to help with kids that have never played on a full sized baseball field. We want these kids to learn how to ... More
  • Fall ball

    Fall ball registration is open. Cost will be 50 dollars and we will play from Sept 11 thru Oct 16. If you decide to come back in the spring then that 50 dollars will be deducted from your registration fee.... More
  • Board meeting

    Board meeting and selection of new board members is Wednesday August 4th at 630pm at Jersey grille. We will also have discussion about fall ball at this time. Board positive available are Secretary ... More
  • 2021 Rosters

    Pepsi Taylor Seneli, Dacian Cortez, Sebastian Barry, Michael Caldwell, Luke Newberry, Noah Newberry,Alex Reyna, Carson Hetzler, Colton Bundy, Grant Wiese, Adam Wiese, Caiden Gumm   Precision Embroide... More
  • Last Call

    If you are still planning on participating in this league for the 2021 season, please grt in touch of your team's manager and let them know you plan to play. Also, we are still accepting registrations.... More
  • Registration

    Registration for the 2021 season is now open. Tryouts will be held August 22nd and 23rd at 3pm at Garfield Park. If you are interested in coaching then please be there as well.

    This past weekend our 15U crew, lead by coaches Brandon Jens, Mark Smith & Kevin Henkle took Babe Ruth State sweeping the competition.  Davis County 14-4 Ottumwa (2-time state champs) 4-1 Davis Count... More
  • 2019 Rand Wonio Scholarship Recipient

    The 2019 Rand Wonio Memorial Scholarship recipient is Brett Kopp. Brett played his years in our league on the Lights team, under Coach Kevin Gillaspie. Brett attended High School at Davenport Assumption, and ... More
  • Babe Ruth Bat Standards

    Effective Jan. 1, 2018, numerous youth divisions of baseball -- including Little League and Babe Ruth -- are adopting the USA Bat standard for wood composite bats. There are numerous reasons for this and they... More